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Hold, Push, Swipe, Tap


Designing for the Tactile Experience

— What is the issue?

Despite the fact that TV remotes are the main point of physical contact for the user, they are often manufactured from inferior materials, most tend to be quite generic in style and can be confusing to use.

— What is my initiative?

I want to tackle this issue by developing a concept design for a tactile TV remote.

A TV remote that truly values the sense of human touch.



02 —

Shape exploration

The aim was to develop a unique shape that makes a statement. This process started by identifying the target market which was then followed by sketching. Colour was used to differentiate and highlight certain areas to visualize touchpoints or change in material.

03 —


Natural materials provide a feeling of warmth/softness, which is one of the reasons why animal leather is used in luxury products. However, we can replace leather with a plant material that does not hurt the environment, but still has all of the same aesthetic qualities of leather -  Cork - an Ethical Vegan Alternative to Leather.

The other materials were chosen carefully to create a balanced contrast of rough/smooth and cold/warm feel.

04 —


This was a process of experimenting with ideas utilizing a set of foam/plywood prototypes to test the form, layout of buttons and aesthetics. The models were used to define the final shape and rationalize the placement of leather. 


05 —


The 'ins and outs' of the concept.

More 'eye candy' down here.