— product range exploiting the potential of recycled plastics


Designing for change

— What can we do with plastic?

I was lucky enough to have a chance to be involved in a  week-long group project - created by a student-led start-up business - Plastic Fantastic. Their aim is to tackle plastic pollution by collecting and recycling waste and transforming it into sustainable ‘green’ products for sale.

An overview of the global plastic recycling scheme can be found at

— How can we make a difference?

The aim is to design a product or a range of products showing off the potential of how recycled plastic can be utilized and up-cycled into new saleable items, using open source machines. The primary materials used for the products would ideally be waste material collected on the university premises.

What can a group of product design students make out of plastic waste in a week? Keep scrolling to find out!


02 —



Once we got the brief we made sure to first discuss our strengths and weaknesses, which helped us to divide jobs amongst the team members later on. Our big start was a brainstorming session to get our heads in the game - followed by individual research and concept sketches.

My sketch of 'modular tiles' started a creative conversation and soon we were drawing over the initial sketch to get across other ideas of improving the said concept. Looking for ways to connect the units, exploring the idea of puzzle pieces and other ways to fit it all together. 

In the end, we have decided on a range of desk organizers that can be connected by magnets.  

tiles01 13.jpg

03 —

The design development

In order to create a desirable theme and aesthetic for our product, we researched many different desk organizers and forms. It was established that all units incorporated in the design must have a contemporary theme, each following the same aesthetic. Minimalistic in form and land itself to an easy shape to manufacture. 

The product compromises of several functional interchangeable units. The modular design means it can be rearranged and reconfigured according to the users’ needs and tastes.
Using what we found to be the most useful items for desk organisation. ReMade can be adapted to any workspace or workflow, making sure that the tools you need are always near by. 

04 —

Manufacturing process

All the units are designed with compression manufacturing in mind. Uniform thickness of 10mm throughout gives a sturdy construction and stops warping during the cooling stage of manufacture. The forms are designed so as they can easily pop out of the two-part ‘top and bottom’ mold, making manufacturing on the compression machine a very easy process. 
The uniform modular design being 90mm by 90mm was chosen as it gives the correct ergonomic and practical dimensions for use. 

tiles01 39.jpg
tiles01 32_edited.jpg

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