Weekend Thrills

The Futur with Chris Do (Podcast) Episode 90 – From ice cream parlour to design studio – with Amy Balliett

Amy Balliett a founder of Killer Visual Strategies talks about her journey and opens up a discussion with Chris on how to know when it’s time to pivot with your business. They also cover the impact of COVID-19 on the creative services and what they are both doing to prepare for the future.

Takeaways: This podcast cleared up my confusion around Graphic Design/Visual communication Design. Chris pops the question right at the beginning which leads to Amy explaining what the difference is in her opinion. From what I have gathered Graphic design and Visual communications Design are related but simply being in one of the disciplines doesn’t mean that your work would fit in the other.

“Visual communication is about efficiently and effectively communicating meaning through design when necessary limited text can be used to explicate that meaning but ultimately its about letting the visuals speak louder than words because we are all inherently visual creatures.”

“There are Graphic Designers out there that don’t necessarily marry form and function there are more focused on creating an absolutely beautiful design but not necessarily carrying any meaning for that design. There are ways to do Graphic Design without visually communicating any information and therefore you are not a visual communicator at that point in time.”

It is also always interesting to hear about the 'behind the scenes' details of the business, especially now. I am glad that The Futur hasn’t been majorly affected by the COVID outbreak, but I can’t help but wonder how they are going to handle what’s coming next. They certainly have a lot of potential and I think that there might be new opportunities coming their way. The Futur has been running a high quality online courses for some time – they are one of the PROs in this arena – it’s just a matter of time till a higher authority recognizes that and if not then I can assure you that students will begin to migrate towards an online learning platform (led by people who know what they are doing) instead of going to traditional Universities.

For anyonne who is involved in higher education I would recommend to watch or at least listen to this video so that you can determine where you are standing in regard to online learning/teaching.


Visible Language (Journal) 54. 1+2. Impact of Kinetic Typography on Readers Attention

This was more of curiosity lead reading session as I am very fond of anything typography related and if you mix in a hint of animation I am sold for life. What stood out the most to me was the history of kinetic type which prompted me to seek out more information about Saul Bass. I also can’t help but think of the Monster’s Inc. opening credits it is perhaps slightly unrelated but what a beautiful piece of work!