Underwhelmed by Entrepreneurship

WHAT/ Entrepreneurship

The session today didn't go as planned. Due to technical difficulties the presentation was abbreviated and delivered by a sub lecturer.

SO WHAT/ Disappointment

Overall, it was a messy day. The only information that I could take away from the presentation was the definition of an entrepreneur and how it compares to a management role in an organisation.

Furthermore, the task we were given seemed like a long shot and had nothing to do with the information we have been given during the presentation. As someone who hasn’t gone through formal business education (Just to clarify - all my knowledge on the topic of business is mostly accumulated from sources on the internet, a few books and podcasts), I wasn’t sure how I am supposed to proceed with the task. I even considered not doing it at all, which is very unlike me.

Thankfully, my background in product design came in handy and perhaps 30min after the session I had an idea for a product. The rest (funding, resources, etc.) I had to figure out on the fly, but I think that these days there’s a lot of "shortcuts" available – like Kickstarter. I was shocked when I found out that the lecturers had no idea what Kickstarter is – I would have assumed that their expertise in business would mean that they are up to date.

Today’s Task

The COVID pandemic is causing health and economic issues worldwide. As an entrepreneur how could develop a company that would help?

My proposal

The current situation makes it even more apparent that our modern digital world hasn’t been designed to be accessible to the older generations – we have quite effectively excluded our grandparents and in some cases even our parents from seeing our presence on the internet. In many families the risk of spreading the virus prevents the family members from seeing each other for long periods of time. Everyone is living on the internet – except for our beloved elders. That is why we need a solution that would enable the younger generation to share moments from their life with their elders in a way that doesn’t require any understanding of technology or social media.

Soo, to propose my idea – the concept is quite simple. All it would take is an ordinarily looking frame, which is actually a digital display. This photo frame would be staying with one’s grandparents. Meanwhile the tech-savvy grand children would download an app that would allow them to either daily or weekly put together collages of photos, stories and short notes. Once they are finished these collages will automatically appear in the photo frame.

Enabling grandparents all over the world to stay up to date with their loved ones wherever they might be and restoring their sense of independency – because having someone else show you is never the same as receiving the message directly.

I’d use my personal network of course mates from my previous university – who are freshly graduated Product designers. We’d figure out the ins and outs of the product and get a rough idea for the costing. In the meantime, we could use social media platforms + Kickstarter to pre-sell the idea. The photo frame would be a one-time purchase, but the App could run on subscription basis.

NOW WHAT/ Hope for a better tomorrow

- I don’t have any takeaways from this session.