The Student Focus podcast - Update

Ola, comrades!

I am back to catch you up on the (fabulous) Student Focus podcast.


The BIG Update: Our podcast is now on Spotify so please feel free to give it a listen!

The *BTS Updates:

In terms of the technicalities of scripting, recording, editing, designing and all that jazz – we have experimented quite a bit. Let me run you through it,...

Ep. 1 + Ep. 2

  • Completely unscripted - all we had was the main topic.

  • The editing was a nightmare. If you were to ask Natalie, you’d get a much better picture of how much of a hassle it was to cut out all our ehms, likes, and unnecessary pauses.

  • This method simply wasn’t sustainable.

Ep. 3

  • Seeing the editing disaster, we have caused on the first two episodes I took it upon myself to write a proper script.

  • I laid out all the questions with hooks to connect our stories and the order of who is talking and when, then I had Nat and Maheen fill in their responses.

  • This time the recording went smoothly, and the editing was minimal.

  • However, this episode is my least favourite because it’s a sleepfest, it’s dead, it’s monotone and it’s boring… Every single one of us ended up talking for a considerably long period of time, which made this episode more of an array of monologues instead of an engaging dialogue.

Ep. 4 (and beyond)

  • Semi scripted with a set topic and questions.

  • Mostly unedited.

  • I think it is the best one so far.

  • If we were to continue doing this (we were chatting about it), we would probably adapt this method.

Publishing + Visuals

  • Maheen was responsible for the publishing of the podcast on Spotify.

  • For the first test version we have used Maheen’s design. However, the sub-headline ‘Rants of an ever-frustrated trio’ was illegible and did not fit the feel of the podcast (sadly, … I really loved that quote).

Maheen's Original Design
  • We discussed our options and instead of redoing Maheen’s version I ended up touching up my version to make the colours brighter as per the request of the group.

Mags' Original Design
  • However, as I was messing around with the design in Illustrator, I realized that the best way forward was to create a blended version of both of our Original Designs. (I simply felt that both designers deserved to shine in our Final Design and this was a pretty good solution.)

Final Blended Design
  • Lastly, I went through all of our episodes and wrote a short text copy (description) for the Spotify page. I also added all of my additional editorial notes (like the fact that we should probably always use Maheen, Mags and Nat in the same order – consistency is key). Maheen then used this document to fill in all the blanks on Spotify.

General Critique

Although we do have an intro segment (voiced by Nat), we do not ever say, "Hey, this is Maheen/Mags/Nat..." at the beginning of the episode, which means that the audience has no way of knowing which voice belongs to whom. (Oops!) This is something that could be corrected in new episodes.

Critique of the Design

  • As I am looking at the visuals now (after I've had some time to focus on other things) I can see quite a few points of stress/conflict that can be uncomfortable or distracting for the viewer.

Stress Points
  • However, once I corrected all of those Stress Points the text lost its 3D illusion. Therefore, i have decided to touch up just one - the gap between letter F and O.

Corrected Version
  • The difference might be unnoticable for most, but trust me as a designer I have a much better time sleeping at night knowing that at least one of the problems is gone.

(Ta da!)

That’s it – The Student Focus Podcast...


(*BTS - behind the scenes)