WHAT/How to Sell Yourself

Friday 23 Oct at 10 am, the session was hosted by Kathleen and Laura. The presentation covered the basics

- what is pitching = a presentation with a purpose

- why pitch = to sell

- when to pitch = anytime, anywhere, always

- how to sell ourselves = do not sell features, sell value/benefits

…and more

We were also provided with a few tips = emotionally persuade, manage your voice and body language, “what do you want your audience to remember the most?”

We also familiarized ourselves with the key points that make up the ‘perfect pitch’

- purpose = goal of the conversation (a job?, to get funding?, to sell an idea?, to make a good impression?...)

- highlight = what problems do you solve?


- engage = involve the audience with an open-ended question

Today’s Task

Develop an Elevator Pitch (30s), rehearse with a partner (role play) - PITCH!

My Elevator Pitch

Imagine this scenario I just entered an elevator only to discover that the CEO of Google is standing right next to me.

He asks,What do you do?”

I consider my options for a moment and then I start by stating the problem.

“You know how the world these days is filled with a rising number of social issues?

Well, I solve these kinds of issues! Using a multidisciplinary design approach, I have been able to bring joy to train station platforms with an award-winning information system.

What is Google doing these days to drive social change?”

SO WHAT/Thank god for Chris DO

Today turned out to be the most enjoyable workshop of Bootcamp so far. Kathleen and Laura filled the session with their expertise but also with a lot of great energy! It was pleasure to interact with them and to discuss our views on the topic at hand (and beyond).

I had a few reservations in regard to the pitching strategy. I am a religious subscriber of The Futur Academy and its founder - Chris Do. Who is notoriously known for being a big fan of Blair Enns and his manifesto Win Without Pitching. However, I am not in the right position to be trying out such strategies at the moment.

Does it work? Can you close deals (and perhaps get even better deals) when you stop trying to sell? Yes! There are plenty of success stories and the number of creatives who were able to close deals thanks to this framework just keeps growing. All that is needed is to develop your soft-skills, to listen and offer your expertise – be a consultant and help the potential client conclude that they need you on their own. This strategy is something to keep in my toolbox for the future.

I asked Kathleen and Laura if they have ever heard of this manifesto, to my surprise it didn’t ring any bells! I guess I am quite fortunate that I came across Chris Do when I did. The comprehensive knowledge and tips I have picked up from him over the years are certainly giving me a bit of an edge.

When it came down to writing my own ‘Perfect Elevator Pitch’ I turned to The Futur for some helpful tips. In the end, I followed their framework instead of the one proposed by Laura and Kathleen. It is still an elevator pitch, but The Futur framework was much easier to follow, at least for me. I like how it keeps the statement nice and short – no one wants to hear about your entire life history.

The framework is broken down to three steps:

1/ Start with “You know how…” and state the problem you are solving/you have solved.

2/ Follow up with “I solve that!” and state your solution.

3/ “Here’s the proof…” give examples.

In other news, I have received a reply on LinkedIn from Alexa, the Senior Designer at SpecialProjects. Now hold on! I did not get a job offer (that would be beyond even my wildest imaginations), but she accepted my request to connect and the message she wrote gives me hope that I may be one step closer to getting my foot in the door. They obviously remember me, and they can see value in what I do.

NOW WHAT/ Let it Marinade

(for a couple of hours or ideally overnight)

- A lot has happened, a lot has been said, and a lot has been uncovered this week – perhaps the best way forward is to let all of this marinade over the weekend. Get some fresh air and try to turn my mind off for a bit (if possible).

- In the meantime, work on the presentation for University of Derby. + Attempt to do a bit of motion graphics in PowerPoint to practise some new skills.