Make sense of Data


Presentation on Data – what it is? The jargon surrounding data analytics, how can we use data to change our behaviour, predict future, and more… Most importantly, learning that data is only valuable if it is processed (put into context/environment) only then it becomes a valuable information.

Today’s Task

Data Driven Decision Making – How has the Bootcamp changed your Personal Habits and Professionalism?

SO WHAT/ Small Data

I found todays topic very interesting and it was fascinating to see the connections to CBT. Overall, viewing data through this lens has made it more approachable to me as my brain usually tends to turn off once statistics enter the screen, but looking at data with the intention to observe and change one’s behaviour helped me to gain a new way of thinking about this whole area of research.

Today was also the last day of Bootcamp and I am not sure if it’s a “Yay!” or “Nah…” moment for me. I am excited to start my master’s but I am also horrified, everyone keeps saying how challenging it is and having the COVID situation on top of that doesn’t feel very good. Lately, the thought of “what would I do if my parents got sick?” keeps making an appearance in the back of my head.

Do I really need to plan for this scenario?

NOW WHAT/ More Data

- Keep writing, keep observing, keep looking for context!