Dealing with Pressure

WHAT/ Pressure

During the session we had to identify what things cause the most pressure for us and how to deal with it. We have also explored the UniWellBeing App.

Today’s Task

Use the UniWellBeing App (set Tiny Habits, listen to Be Active + Focusing Under Stress podcasts)

SO WHAT/ Silence and Guinea Pigs in Action

My devotion to this Bootcamp ‘thing’ was shaken up by yesterday’s underwhelming session. So today I have decided to abandon my meticulous preparation for these sessions – Instead of setting up my laptop on the desk with a notebook which I have already marked with the headline of the day, I leisurely sat on my bed. However, I still expected to get something useful out of the session.

What a disappointment it was when I found out that today we’ll be treated as test subjects. It seemed that the main aim was to get us on the App and to test its usability. Which is all good – great actually! I am all for good product design and reliable feedback is always hard to get. But for much of the session we were divided into breakout rooms and let’s just say that not much has been discussed in these settings. The most interaction I had received was when I asked the group about what they think about the Bootcamp so far. This ignited a lively conversation and ćreated a sense of some comradery amongst the participants.

NOW WHAT/ Way down we Go

- My source of pressure is conforming to social norms and expectations. As a bonus I tend to be the biggest culprit in these situations, I tend to put even more pressure on myself with my high standards. Looking back at the notes from the day where we explored “Who Am I?” it makes a lot of sense once put together.